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Corporate diplomacy. A stakeholder management strategy for sustainable business internationalisation

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Autore: Rodolfo Maria Salvi
Relatore: Angelo Taraborrelli
Università: Libera Università Internazionale Studi Sociali “Guido Carli” LUISS - Roma
Facoltà: Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche
Corso: Laurea Magistrale in Relazioni Internazionali
Data di Discussione: 24/03/2021
Voto: 110 cum laude
Disciplina: Global Trade
Tipo di Tesi: Compilativa
Lingua: Inglese
Grande Area: Area Sociale
Dignità di Stampa: Si
In Collaborazione con: ENEL S.p.A.

In the modern globalised world, internationalising companies are increasingly exposed to a broad range of geopolitical, socio-economic and non-commercial risks. Whenever the foreign expansion is direct, the company would face an expanding influence of local, national and international stakeholders. The growth in complexity and number of actors, in the international business environment, has occurred simultaneously with the rising claim for sustainability. Sustainability has become a pivotal element to support internationalisation. At the same time, multinationals need to identify, prioritise and manage external pressures. Therefore, companies should engage external stakeholders actively and anticipate geopolitical and socio-economics dynamics to protect their bottom line and sustain foreign expansions. This thesis proposes Corporate Diplomacy as a strategic management approach to handle company-stakeholder relations, thus fostering sustainable internationalisation. Corporate Diplomacy ...