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Investigations on the mortality efficacy of pyrethrins loaded in halloysite nanotubes and standard pyrethrins on Tenebrio molitor and Galleria mellonella.

Scheda Sintetica

Autore: Lorenzo Di Benedetto
Relatore: Maria Luisa Dindo
Università: Università degli Studi di Bologna
Facoltà: Facoltà di Agraria
Corso: Laurea Magistrale in International horticultural science
Data di Discussione: 22/10/2021
Voto: 110 cum laude
Disciplina: entomologia
Tipo di Tesi: Sperimentale
Altri Autori: Santolo Francati, Susanna Guernelli
Lingua: Inglese
Grande Area: Area Scientifica
Settori Interessati: agrario-chimico

EU promotes the sustainable transition in a sector (agricultural production) that in Italy reached the value of 188 billion euros in 2019 (Istat report, 2019). About pest control, products of interest, also in the framework of this thesis, are pyrethrins, contact insecticides used either in conventional agriculture or in organic agriculture, even if with some limitation ( They carry out their action by contact which, leads to difficulty in movement, paralysis and finally to insect death. The real problem is that these products are not selective and affect insects indifferently, even the useful ones. A characteristic, in some way advantageous is that, not being systemic, they do not enter the sap of the plants which does not allow them to express a long-term action. On the other way they have little effect on sap-sucking insects. They are also photolabile and thermolabile (also this characteristic has both positive and negative aspects). Pursuant to and for the ...

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