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  1. Electrical Safety & Compliance Testing for Appliance & Consumer Product Manufacturers

    Electrical appliances, computers and peripherals, power tools and other devices found in the home and office environments must be tested to confirm adherence to a plethora of stringent certification standards.

  2. Will Autonomous Trucks Deliver Goods (In the Very-Near Future)?

    Just last month, a truck developed by the California-based autonomous-vehicle company TuSimple completed an autonomous 80-mile run from Tucson to Phoenix.

  3. Analytical Testing Solutions for Medtech Manufacturing

    For medtech manufacturers, material and device failures are an unavoidable issue that can plague even the most experienced engineering teams. This paper examines how a strong partnership with an experienced analytical testing laboratory specializing in tailored testing programs, such as Intertek Allentown, can provide a systematic approach to identifying failure modes specific to your process. The paper explores how analytical testing can assess failures at every stage in the products lifecycle – design, manufacturing, packaging, storage/handling, and end use of the product – as well as preventing potential future failures.

  4. Vitrek Cable & Connector Test System Facilitates Multi-Point High Voltage/Current Testing

    Hipot testing is critical in assuring compliance with a host of electrical safety standards and in confirming the assembled product is free from electrical or mechanical defects. Hipot testers are used to measure leakage current and insulation resistance between all components and connections, confirm solid ground connections and test ground bonds. All of these tests require the sequential application of precise and controlled high voltages or currents between pairs of elements then accurately measuring and recording the results. Products like the Vitrek 95x and V7x Series are excellent examples of the industry’s best electrical safety testers.

  5. A Battery Breakthrough, Made from Rubber

    An everyday material that we all know well may lead to safer, longer-lasting batteries for the electric vehicle.

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