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New Scientist - Technology
New Scientist - Technology
  1. UK companies could face fines for failing to patch Log4j vulnerability
    A security flaw discovered in December 2021 makes private data vulnerable to hackers – and the UK government could take action against firms that fail to fix it
  2. Will 5G mobile networks in the US really interfere with aircraft?
    US telecoms companies plan to turn on 5G networks across the US, but airline bosses warn that potential interference with planes could cause a "catastrophic" crisis
  3. First fully programmable quantum computer based on neutral atoms
    Most quantum computers are based on superconductors or trapped ions, but an alternative approach using ordinary atoms may have advantages
  4. AI learns to create images from text descriptions by destroying data
    A fresh approach to generating images based on text descriptions with AI, called a diffusion model, effectively un-destroys new images into existence
  5. Edible straws made by bacteria are better than paper or plastic ones
    Plastic straws are increasingly being avoided for both health and environmental reasons, but the alternatives all have their downsides – until now

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