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New Scientist - Technology
New Scientist - Technology
  1. Artificial neuron swaps dopamine with rat brain cells like a real one
    An electrical device that can send and receive chemical signals from neurons could be used in brain-machine interfaces
  2. Russian shelling at Ukrainian nuclear plant risks 'another Chernobyl'
    A scientist at the Chernobyl nuclear plant says that Russian troops occupying the Zaporizhzya nuclear plant are risking its safety, with reports of shelling and mining of the site and explosives in the reactor building
  3. Artificial finger can identify what common material things are made of
    Smart finger uses sensors to detect substances such as glass, silicon and wood with more than 90 per cent accuracy, which could be useful for robotic manufacturing tasks
  4. If cryptocurrencies are unhackable, how do they keep getting stolen?
    News of a $190 million cryptocurrency theft emerged this week, despite cryptocurrencies being designed to be unhackable. Here's the low-down on what is going on and how safe bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are
  5. Experimental earphone can ‘hear’ commands user is silently mouthing
    An earbud uses artificial intelligence to interpret commands someone mouths without speaking by tracking changes in the shape of their ear canal

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