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New Scientist - Technology
New Scientist - Technology
  1. The top ten films about artificial intelligence according to an expert
    From Wall-E to Short Circuit via I, Robot, these are the best films out there about AI, says Alan Turing Institute ethics fellow Mhairi Aitken
  2. Quantum computer sets record on path towards error-free calculations
    A quantum computer contains the largest ever number of "logical quantum bits", which can be used for error-free calculations
  3. Robotic mouse with flexible spine moves with greater speed and agility
    Most robots lack a flexible spine, so researchers created a 3D-printed mouse with the ability to bend its back and found that it could move faster
  4. DNA nanobots can exponentially self-replicate
    Tiny machines made from strands of DNA can build copies of themselves, leading to exponential replication. Similar devices could one day be used to create drugs inside the body
  5. Google says its Gemini AI outperforms both GPT-4 and expert humans
    The Gemini artificial intelligence comes in a variety of sizes, with Google saying its mid-range version will be incorporated into its Bard chatbot and available to the public from today

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