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New Scientist - Current Issue Articles
  1. Tom Gauld shows what happens when body donation goes surreally wrong
    Tom Gauld's weekly cartoon
  2. Twisteddoodles: The youthful joys of scientific fieldwork
    This week's cartoon from Twisteddoodles
  3. Puzzle #151: The puzzling challenge of aliens with 16 fingers
    Can you solve this week’s visitation-based puzzle Alien Fingers? Plus the answer to puzzle #150
  4. How to perfectly pickle your cucumbers
    Pickling is a delicious way to beat the microbes that would otherwise spoil your food, says Sam Wong
  5. Station Eleven review: An uplifting vision of a post-pandemic world
    A TV adaptation of the hit 2014 novel by Emily St John Mandel shows that culture and humanity can survive even the collapse of civilisation
  6. Leigh Fletcher interview: Why we urgently need a mission to Neptune
    To understand the secrets of the most common type of planet in our galaxy, we need to explore ice giants Neptune and Uranus. But we must act now or wait decades for another launch window, says planetary scientist Leigh Fletcher
  7. How does the sun shine? Here's why we are still a little in the dark
    The basics of how fusion works inside stars like the sun is more complicated than it is sometimes portrayed. We shouldn't be surprised that the details are imperfectly understood, writes Chanda Prescod-Weinstein
  8. What really makes people happy – and can you learn to be happier?
    Our life satisfaction is shaped by many things including our genes and relative wealth, but there is now good evidence that you can boost your basic happiness with these key psychological strategies
  9. Hard to Be a God: An 80s classic shows modern sci-fi how it’s done
    An upbeat yet moving tale shows how hardship shapes us for the better, and how even utopia has its drawbacks, says Simon Ings
  10. Science is increasingly revealing how we can boost our happiness
    We now have a good idea what can make individuals and society happier – countries should use this information to emerge from coronavirus lockdowns and build back not just better, but happier

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