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New Scientist - Current Issue Articles
  1. Tom Gauld on the best way to ask a supercomputer for help
    Tom Gauld's weekly cartoon
  2. Twisteddoodles on Lab Life, a magazine for the break room
    This week's cartoon from Twisteddoodles
  3. Still Up review: Insomnia rom com is worth staying up for
    Two friends with insomnia spend their nights chatting about possible treatments in Still Up, a rare look at how the condition can affect relationships – and a charming romantic comedy, says Bethan Ackerley
  4. New Scientist recommends The Retrievals and Ben Smith's Traffic
    The books, TV, games and more that New Scientist staff have enjoyed this week
  5. A non-standard approach to celebrating World Standards Day
    Feedback ponders the logic behind the choice to mark World Standards Day on different occasions, depending on where you live, as well as looking into sheep counting, and the workings of the middle ear muscle
  6. Scientists tackling the question of free will must take great care
    Biologists join a long line of thinkers and scientists who have investigated free will. They must be wary of a common pitfall: the temptation to seek out evidence that supports pre-existing moral views
  7. Gardening with 'native' plants isn't always better for the environment
    The idea that native plants are better than “non-natives” has more to do with cultural bias than scientific evidence, says James Wong
  8. How artificial intelligence is helping keep Indigenous languages alive
    Communities in North America and New Zealand are working on teaching algorithms to understand Indigenous languages. But what happens when corporations get involved, asks Annalee Newitz 
  9. Puzzle #241: Help Prince Golightly escape, and win our puzzle book
    Can you solve this week’s puzzle, Escape room, and win a copy of our New Scientist puzzle book Headscratchers? Plus the answer to puzzle #240
  10. Remarkable images show the intricacy and beauty of common plants
    Familiar plants are revealed in exquisite, microscopic detail in these shots from biologist Jan Martinek

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