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  1. Ecological Transaction in Education and Research

    This book centers on climate change, a pressing issue in the ecological transition, particularly for landscape and architecture schools.

    The scientific realities and consequences of this phenomenon are becoming increasingly well-known and it is now evident that architecture, urban planning and landscaping all have the potential to mitigate these consequences.

    Ecological Transition in Education and Research

  2. Lost Worlds of 1863: Relocation and Removal of American Indians in the Central Rockies and the Greater Southwest


    A comparative history of the relocation and removal of indigenous societies in the Greater American Southwest during the mid-nineteenth century   

    Lost Worlds of 1863: Relocation and Removal of American Indians in the Central Rockies and the Greater Southwest offers a unique comparative narrative approach to the diaspora experiences of the Apaches, O’odham and Yaqui in Arizona and Sonora, the Navajo and Yavapai in Arizona, the Shoshone of Utah, the

  3. Embryogeny and Phylogeny of the Human Posture 2

    The future of the human posture is in the spotlight. The 200-year-old locomotion paradigm can no longer resist the advancement of knowledge, yet 2,500 years of thinking on the place of verticalized human anatomy and its reflexive consciousness in the natural history of life and the Earth, is more relevant than ever.

    This book retraces these reflections from pre-Socratic philosophers, focusing on the link between verticality and the most complex and

  4. Recording and Voice Processing 2

    Capturing, recording and broadcasting the voice is often difficult. Many factors must be taken into account and achieving a true representation is much more complex than one might think.

    The capture devices such as the position of the singer(s) or narrator(s), the acoustics, atmosphere and equipment are just some of the physical aspects that need to be mastered. Then there is the passage through the analog or digital channel, which disrupts the audio

  5. Health Care Information Systems: A Practical Approach for Health Care Management, 5th Edition

    The most up-to-date edition of the gold standard in health care information system references

    In the newly revised Fifth Edition of Health Care Information Systems, veteran healthcare information management experts and educators Karen A. Wager and Frances Wickham Lee, along with nationally-recognized leader in health information technology, John P. Glaser, deliver a one-stop resource for graduate and upper-level undergraduate students to gain the knowledge


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