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  1. Will Amazon's robotic revolution spark a new wave of job losses?
    Amazon says it will create new jobs to replace roles taken over by machines, but it isn’t clear whether this will happen quickly enough
  2. How to get the right balance of omega-3s and omega-6s in your diet
    The balance of omega fatty acids in the food we eat affects our health. But what does the evidence say about claims you should be seeking to reduce omega-6 intake as well as boosting omega-3s?
  3. Ships smuggling Russian oil spotted in satellite images by AI
    AI can analyse satellite images to reveal the movements of dark ships in a shadow fleet that smuggles oil and other cargo from sanctioned countries such as Russia, Iran, Venezuela and North Korea
  4. Should we tweak the atmosphere to counteract global warming?
    With severe climate impacts becoming more and more apparent, many scientists think we should explore ways to block out solar radiation, but doing so would be risky
  5. Glucose monitors may misclassify people as being at risk of diabetes
    Our blood sugar levels vary a lot from day to day, so results from continuous glucose monitors need to be interpreted with caution
  6. Some scientists say insects are conscious – it doesn't settle anything
    A group of around 40 scientists signed a declaration calling for formal acknowledgement of consciousness in a range of animals, including insects and fish – but the evidence is still lacking
  7. Has the US finally figured out how to do high-speed rail?
    As work begins on building the US’s first high-speed rail service – linking Los Angeles to Las Vegas – analysts say the project could serve as a blueprint for similar projects across the country
  8. Single atoms captured morphing into quantum waves in startling image
    In the 1920s, Erwin Schrödinger wrote an equation that predicts how particles-turned-waves should behave. Now, researchers are perfectly recreating those predictions in the lab
  9. The incredible new tech that can recycle all plastics, forever
    "Advanced recycling" promises to convert dirty, mixed waste plastic into brand new plastic time and time again. It is a major step towards creating a circular economy and fighting climate change
  10. Deliberate fires are responsible for half of the land burned each year
    The finding that managed fires burn a much greater area than thought means we may be underestimating the increase in wildfires due to global heating

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