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Latest Science News -- ScienceDaily
  1. The best way to fix a sad mood: Whatever you think works best
    What's the best way to improve a sad mood? It may be whatever skill you think you're best at, a new study suggests.
  2. Scientists trace the path of radioactive cesium in the ecosystem of Fukushima
    In 2011, the nuclear accident at Fukushima, Japan, resulted in the deposit of radioactive cesium (radiocesium) into habitats in the vicinity. A decade after the accident, researchers have collated the complicated dynamics of radiocesium within forest-stream ecosystems. Understanding radiocesium flow in the environment could help mitigate contamination and inform future containment strategies.
  3. Aerobic fitness of elite soccer players linked to player positions
    Researchers have linked the fitness of elite soccer players to the positions they play. The ability to make this assessment can help coaches regulate individual training loads based on player position, according to a recent study.
  4. Black eyed peas could help eliminate need for fertilizer
    Black eyed peas' ability to attract beneficial bacteria isn't diminished by modern farming practices, new research shows. Planting it in rotation with other crops could help growers avoid the need for costly, environmentally damaging fertilizers.
  5. Dementia: How to prevent cognitive decline
    Researchers have determined the optimal number of intervention sessions needed to prevent cognitive decline in people at risk.

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