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  1. Chemical cages could store hydrogen, expand use of clean-burning fuel
    Cheap molecular “sponges” made with aluminum can be low-pressure gas tanks
  2. News at a glance: China’s S&T clusters, abundant fairy circles, and Arecibo’s next chapter
    The latest in science and policy
  3. How much heat is dangerous during pregnancy?
    Researchers are probing how high temperatures lead to premature birth and other harmful outcomes
  4. Ferociously hot weather could make some cities unlivable. Low-tech solutions can help
    India tests heat alerts, tree planting, and modified roofs
  5. A time of cholera | Science
    When the World Health Organization called attention in 2022 to a surge in cholera outbreaks around the globe, it listed the usual factors that favor waterborne diseases: lack of sanitation, humanitarian crises, and conflict. But it also said climate change was worsening the situation.

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